Hello World

First Rule

We keep everything in markdown.

Side Note

Sometimes, it is not possible to show all that we want via MD. So, we will be tempted to use HTML.

Then the optinos are:

  1. Choose not to do it,
  2. Take the CSS and update it to support that what we want.

Most important

The most important items we need would be Code Snippets. They are readily supported as below (use three back ticks “`")

      int main() {
          printf("Hello World\n");
          return 0;


Please avoid creating a new standard for stuff. See here

No new standards please

New blog entry?

Simply do hugo new blog/name-of-post.md and you will have created content/blog/name-of-post.md. Please fill in the necessary details (use content/blog/sample_content.md as a reference). Hugo will automatically take care of ordering them based on timestamps.

You can add tags or categories as you would like to.

– Sandeep.