Turning post-its into great products

We have a track record of designing, building, and scaling web and mobile apps. We support you with product development, consulting on scaling digital products and building automated cloud infrastructure.


Applying Lean Startup and Design Thinking methods, we create innovative solutions. Identifying customer needs is a core ability to deliver business value using state of the art technology.


Having a strong background in building web and mobile applications, cloud automation and big data solutions, allows us to deliver solid software in agile iterations.


Scaling applications to work for large user bases and high traffic. Applying analytics to improve conversion rates and increase revenue. We will grow your team as the product scales.


Technology is only an enabler. Without great leadership, mission and a team that deliver results at a high level, even the best idea won’t make a company successful.

Backend and API development

We build scalable and sustainable web applications and microservices using Ruby on Rails, Go (golang) and/or Python.

Mobile and Web

Building great end user experiences using Swift, ReactJS and React Native for mobile and web.

Coaching and supervising teams

We help you build teams and set up agile and DevOps development processes.

Cloud technologies

Using Heroku, Amazon AWS, Kubernetes, we build cloud setups to deliver and scale your application in a DevOps mode.


After bringing various projects to success, the techies decided, it was time to go on their own and be practitioners of excellence. And, that’s when they joined forces with other like-hearted and became Kotaicode


It started very small - but soon enough - former colleagues, and other kindred spirits joined to create a diverse, versatile team capable to take anything head on: To make things happen

Andreas Leicher

Andreas Leicher

Co-Founder, Dev-Ops Guru, Defender of Agile

With a wide horizon of know-how, Andreas is an expert on turning an idea to a business model, with code, infrastructure, and agile culture.

Dr. Sandeep Sadanandan

Dr Sandeep Sadanandan

Co-Founder, Lead Developer, Code Artist

Your ideas will be blossemed into products with Sandeep’s expertise on complex algorithms, and data analysis.

Stefanos Voulgarakis alt

Stefanos Voulgarakis


With untameable passion to code and create, Stefanos will nurture the seed of an idea to a great product.

Steffen Enz

Steffen Enz


Originally coming from OOP (C#/JAVA), now going deep into JS, GO, and Python.

Moritz Moldenhauer

Moritz Moldenhauer

Android Expert

Strong experience in Android development, Java programming and development of mobile applications.

Marcel Flick

Marcel Flick

iOS Expert

Specialzed in iOS development - both Objective-C and Swift; And new passion towards react-native.

Gesine Thoma

Gesine Thoma

Innovation Manager

Digital consultant, strong experience in sales, specialized in marketing and innovation management.


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